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Chemical peeling

Plastic surgery – Chemical peeling

Peeling is a direct chemical treatment applied to wrinkled skin, which has the effect of improving the appearance of the skin, the disappearance of fine wrinkles or various blemishes

The intermediate peel uses trichloroacetic acid in different concentrations (25 and 35%). Peels significantly improve skin quality and tone. They are also used after a facelift.

At present, the intermediate peeling with trichloroacetic acid is the most used, with very good results and minor inconveniences. It can be repeated regularly for the progressive improvement of the skin condition.

Unprotected sun exposure of skin on which trichloroacetic acid has been applied is prohibited for 6 months.

 Peeling price – 1000 lei (200 Euro).

NEW!!!Treatment of post-acne scars.

Price 2000 lei (400 euro) for the entire treatment.

If you have any questions, call us: +40 757 531 995