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Plastic surgery – Liposuction

What is liposuction?

It is one of the most requested surgeries at present in the world, in the United States being the most common cosmetic surgery, correcting deformities due to fat deposits in more or less attractive areas of the figure and which do not regress after diets or training programs. It has been found that diet as well as exercise have an overall effect in reducing fat particles thickness but fat deposits are affected to a small extent. Liposuction results are generally long lasting as long as you maintain your weight. If you gain weight after liposuction, your fat distribution may change. For example, you may accumulate fat around your abdomen regardless of what areas were originally treated.

The procedure consists in the selective extraction of fat deposits with the help of special cannulas (hollow tubes) until obtaining the expected contour. These cannulas are inserted through small incisions 3-6 mm which will later leave no visible scars. The liposuction cannulas are coupled to a surgical aspirator (a suction device) and through the orifices with which they are provided aspirate. There is a decrease in volume in the liposuction areas, obtaining the desired silhouette.


It is important to take into consideration that liposuction is not a treatment for generalized obesity. It does not correct cellulite or stretch marks, it does not make impressive body corrections. A new liposuction may be needed to accentuate the result at least 6 months apart. The skin above the liposuction area may remain in excess after aspiration of the fat deposit. This excess skin generally shrinks. In cases where the excess skin does not retract, surgical excision is required. Quantities of 1-2l of fat can be removed in a single surgery. Exceeding this amount requires a longer hospital stay. Liposuction can provide an aesthetic, harmonious, attractive figure.

Before the procedure

The patient must mention to the doctor their medical history, emphasizing especially if they have any previously known problems regarding blood clotting, evolution of scars, intercurrent infections. The patient must form an opinion as real as possible about the possibilities of the technique, about the intervention and the recovery period.

About the intervention

Anesthesia may be local for small to medium amounts of extracted fat and epidural anesthesia for larger amounts. It is unanimously admitted that at a liposuction session, the quantity of 3000 cc of extract is the maximum limit that can be extracted. Liposuction is performed with cannulas up to 5 mm thick, which will be inserted through incisions of the same size. As a result, the scars will be imperceivable, the subdermal suture will not leave scars

About complications

Complications of this intervention appear very rarely. They are treatable and the consequences are almost non-existent. Edema, hematoma, serum, superinfection of the liposuction area are cited in the literature. With a more serious evolution but much rarer, thrombophlebitis, pulmonary thromboembolism can occur.

After the procedure

After the operation, the area is compressively bandaged, over which a corset or stocking is applied with the role of compression, the massage of the liposuction areas is started after 3 days postoperatively and continued for several months. Mild pain may occur postoperatively, yielding to regular painkillers, but the most common sensation is constriction, tension, which prevents vigorous mobilization. Resumption of social activities and professional responsibilities can be resumed after 3 days. Requires hospitalization for at least 24 hours, for interventions in which large quantities are extracted.

* The surgeries are performed in an accredited private clinic, not at the company’s headquarters.

Operation rate – Laser Liposuction

Liposuction one zone: 1600 Euro (8000 lei)
Liposuction two zones: 2300 Euro (11 500 lei)
Liposuction three zones: 3000 Euro (15 000 lei)
Liposuction four zones: 3500 Euro (17 500 lei)

Analysis, belly (elastic pants) – included in the price

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