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Facelift And Necklift Surgery

Plastic surgery – Facelift and necklift surgery

Facelift and necklift surgery

The principle of intervention

The procedure aims to eliminate facial excess skin, reposition the superficial musculoaponeurotic of the face, and eliminate wrinkles on the cheek and neck. The aging process is manifested by changing the distribution of facial fat deposits, by changing muscle tone, by decreasing the elasticity of facial skin. In this way, the skin of the face becomes excessive and leads to the formation of wrinkles, bags, new folds and accentuation of pre-existing ones.

With the improvement of surgical techniques, there has been a radical change in the technique itself, the intervention addressing both the excess skin and the musculoaponeurotic and facial fat layer, thus improving the results and duration of the effects of facelift. At the level of the skin we have the excision of the excess skin by adding the preauricular and retroauricular excess and at the level of the facial aponeurotic muscle (SMAS) system we proceed to shorten and apply. The doctor will choose the surgical technique that gives maximum safety to the patient, with the best results and as durable as possible.


The intervention does not change the physiognomy, but improves the effects of aging on the face. After the operation, the patient has a rejuvenated, rested, fresh air and a relaxed physiognomy. Postoperative bruising, edema are a rule and last about 10-20 days.

Facelift/necklift consultation

The doctor will advise the patient on the results, what can and cannot be improved, what scars will remain. The patient will state his medical history insisting on blood clotting problems, drug allergies, and skin conditions. Minimum preoperative tests required: Blood count, Coagulation tests, Blood glucose.

About the procedure

The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. During the operation with local anesthesia, the patient is conscious but free of stress or anxiety. It takes about 1.5-3 hours. For the global correction of the skin excess of the face, the approach (incisions) is made in the temporal region, preauricular, retroauricular and in the hairy region of the retroauricular, areas that allow the concealment of scars. For mini-lifting, the incision is made before and behind the ear. For the suspension and the fascio-muscular application, it is made during the intervention, on the same incision, using special sutures, perfectly tolerated by the tissues. The skin suture is performed with the observance of those surgical technical details that allow to obtain scars as unperceivable as possible at the anterior auricular level.


Hospitalization lasts 24-72 hours, post-operative care lasts about 14 days, after which the patient can resume normal hygienic care.

Postoperative period

Antibiotic therapy, anti-inflammatory treatment and cold compress are present in the first 5-7 days. The sutures are extracted in stages starting from day 6-7 postoperatively and ending on day 10-12 postoperatively when the dressing is removed and the hygienic care can be resumed. In the first 2-3 days there is a moderate edema of the operated areas, followed by the resorption of the edema starting with the 3rd day. The bruises (bruises) that appear in the first days can last about 14-15 days. Postoperative pain is non-existent or minimal. The patient constantly feels a state of tension in the facial skin that subsides in a few days.

About complications

Complications are rare, reversible and mainly consist of hematomas, small infections, large edema, bruising. Rarely, there is contusion, damage to the facial nerve, which generally recovers spontaneously or benefits from specific treatment.


It is recommended to avoid sun exposure for the first three months. About 3 months after the surgery, skin resensitization is complete.

MACS Lifting operation price: 2500 Euro – 3500 Euro (from 12500 Lei)

Face and neck lifting operation price: 3500 Euro (17 500 Lei)

* The surgeries are performed in an accredited private clinic, not at the company’s headquarters.

If you have any questions, call us: +40 757 531 995